Technology, Pure & Applied Science

Engineering is about taking science and a creative spirit and designing and building solutions for real-world problems. There are plenty of problems to choose from – climate change, water quality, efficient autonomous vehicles, renewable energy, plastic pollution, life-saving medical devices, secure communications, exploring space.  Name any problem - engineers will have a hand in solving it.

At ESCAE Benin, there are multiple entry pathways you can study to become an accredited engineer. Flinders engineering courses have a common first year that enables you to delay your choice of specialization until you have experienced engineering as a whole, or transfer between courses if you change your mind. Our degrees are offered in close collaboration with the industry, giving you specialist knowledge and an integrated 'toolkit' of skills that will enable you to meet the requirements of the industry as it continues to change. They also include 20-week industry placements to ensure you are job-ready.

Admission Requirements

Fresh Entry


Direct Entry / Conversion


Computer Science

Computer Engineering

Estate Management

Management & Information Technology

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